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Castile Soap Refill (50 oz.)
Castile Soap Refill (50 oz.)
Castile Soap Refill (50 oz.)
Castile Soap Refill (50 oz.)
Castile Soap Refill (50 oz.)

Castile Soap Refill (50 oz.)

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our 50 oz. castile soap refill is a non-toxic and multi-purpose concentrate. our soap is a leaping bunny certified blend of plant oil, aloe vera, and essential oils. since castile soap is the swiss army knife of soaps, you can do your laundry, clean the floor, and use it as shampoo. if the surface is water safe, clean it with castile soap!

our refill pouch replaces 5+ sink side soap dispensers, and can be recycled when you’re out of castile soap. don’t forget our foaming glass dispenser if you like bubbles!

we offer free returns and your money back if you don’t love our products. 

how to use:

the exact measurement of castile soap you’ll use depends on what you’re cleaning. there are some use cases where you’ll simply utilize the soap. but for most use cases, you’ll be diluting the soap with water. 

check out the 10 uses for our soap here. 

the soap:

our refill pouches come with safe-to-use castile soap. Most soaps come with harmful ingredients like lard, palm oil, tallow, fragrances and sulfates (to name a few). 

our castile soap is made without any of the harmful ingredients we just named. no animal fats and no synthetic ingredients. the only ingredients in our soaps are the ones we need. 

check out our full list of ingredients by scents.

the container:

our aluminum containers are the most sustainable vessel for bulk ordering castile soap to your home. 


  • 8 ¼” wide by 11 ¼” high
  • 4” diameter 
  • 15mm spout 

we use aluminum for our refillable pouches given it’s endless recyclable quality. while only 6% of plastic is recycled, and can only be recycled 2-3 times, the aluminum you use today could have already been 100 different items over many, many years! 

we hope to one day provide a repurposing program for our castile soap refill pouches through the pare movement. for now, when you’re ready to dispose of your refill pouch, place it in your recycling bin. 

shipping details:

all of our products are packed with recycled paper. we seal our recycled cardboard boxes with compostable tape. 

our shipping is carbon neutral through sendle.  


  • 50 oz of castile soap
  • cruelty free
  • gmo free
  • leaping bunny certified
  • vegan
  • made in the usa 
  • usda certified organic 
  • carbon neutral shipping