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Frequently Asked Questions

everything you need to know about castile soap and the pare movement

there’s a lot to learn about castile soap! to get you started, here are our most frequently asked questions. if you don’t see your question here, reach out to us. we’re here to help!

what is castile soap?

castile soap is a non-toxic, multi-purpose concentrate that is made with organic plant oils. traditional soaps use tallow, which is an animal fat. by using plant oils instead, our soap is vegan and cruelty free. it’s a highly effective cleaner for all water safe surfaces! 

what can i clean with castile soap?

so many things! truly. In fact, there were so many things, we made a list of all the things you can clean with castile soap. a good rule of thumb is that if it’s water safe, it’s castile soap safe. just be sure to keep castile soap away from your eyes!

does your soap foam?

yes, it does! for a fully foamy experience, we recommend purchasing our foaming glass dispenser, too. 

is castile soap safe for kids?

yes! castile soap is safe for the whole family. 

can i use your soap on my pets?

you can use castile soap on some of your pets (like dogs, cats, etc). we don’t recommend getting castile soap anywhere near your fish. 

can i use your soap as shampoo?

yes, you can! be sure you dilute the soap, though. you can dilute the soap by mixing it with water. we recommend a 25% soap, 75% water ratio for shampooing your hair. when mixing, take some advice from james bond and stir, don’t shake. shaking will cause the soap to foam.

if you color or highlight your hair, we do not recommend using castile soap for your shampoo, as the soap can strip the color from your hair. 

is castile soap safe to use on my plants?

yes, you can! just be sure you dilute the soap first with 1 tablespoon soap and 1 quart of water. castile soap can help clean your plants and give them a natural shine! also, castile soap can help protect your plants from insects as a natural insecticide. 

can i use castile soap in my dishwasher?

yes! to make dishwasher soap, combine 2 cups of liquid castile soap, ½ cup of water, ½ cup of distilled vinegar, and 1 teaspoon of citric acid. place the mixture where you normally put your dishwasher soap, and the castile soap will do the rest! 

do i need to dilute my castile soap? 

not always, but sometimes! here’s a list of 10 common uses for castile soap and the dilution information. if your use isn’t on there, reach out to us. we’re always happy to help!

how many drops of essential oil should i use if i want to add any?

if you want to add essential oils to your castile soap, it will depend on how big of a container you’re putting the soap in. you can add a couple of drops (roughly 1% of the total mixture) to your castile soap and water mixture for a scented soap experience.  

when should i buy your bar soap vs. liquid soap? 

while our bar soaps are great for cleaning your body, they don’t have the versatility of castile soap. if you want a multi-purpose soap that can clean your counters, body, and dishes, you’ll want to buy castile. if you want a soap that you exclusively use to wash your hands or body, the bar soap will work just fine! 

are your products vegan or tested on animals?

our products are vegan, never tested on animals, and cruelty free. In fact, we’re leaping bunny certified.

is your soap antibacterial (use of hexachlorophene)?

no, it is not. this is an intentional decision we’ve made. you can learn more about the evidence around bacterial use here and here

how do you provide carbon neutral shipping?

providing carbon neutral shipping is really important to us. we’ve partnered with Sendle to ensure that each package that arrives at your door is carbon neutral. 

what are some sustainable measures your organization takes?

we only sell products that are good for the environment. our flagship product, castile soap is good for your home and it doesn’t harm the planet. we package the soap in a recyclable, aluminum container. one refill bag replaces nearly six foaming soap dispensers - and that’s without dilution! On top of this, our packaging material is 100% recycled.

our shipping is carbon neutral through Sendle, and we plant a tree with every order and donate $1 to ocean conservancy. we know this is just the beginning of our sustainability journey. while we’ve laid a good foundation, we know there will be opportunities to make a greater impact as we grow. 

what is your return policy?

we offer free returns and your money back for up to 30 days if you don’t love your product. you can learn more about our return policy here

what is the shelf life of your soap?

our castile and bar soap are good for three years from their purchase date.