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welcome to the pare movement

a movement for all

the pare movement was founded to help conscious consumers reduce the harmful chemicals and single use plastics in their home. we’re a one-stop-shop for products you can trust. to do this, we identify harmful consumer products in the personal care industry and then produce them in a healthier, more sustainable way – the pare movement way.

if you’re here to combat throwaway culture, we’re here to fight with you.

if you’re here to keep your home clean without harmful chemicals, we’re happy to provide you with a short, easy-to-read ingredient list.

if you’re here to get the best castile soap around, we’ve got you covered.

thanks for being a part of this movement. we can’t do what we do without you.

The Pare Movement glass bottles on a side table.

meet our founder, brian

brian boisjoli grew up in shelburne, vermont. shelburne is a small, environmentally conscious community that instilled a sustainable mindfulness in him throughout his upbringing.

if you’ve never been, the area around shelburne is well preserved and undeveloped compared to many other places. there’s a heavy emphasis on shopping locally, with many farms throughout the area. during brian’s time there, vermont legislation was paving the way for sustainable practices, and the entire community was committed to living greener lives.

now, brian lives in New York. while he loves the city, he’s always looking for an opportunity to escape on weekends. some of his favorite hobbies are fishing, running, golfing, and skiing.

brian holds a strong opinion on the governmental loopholes that exist in personal care product marketing. like all genuinely sustainable business owners, he’s here to share a genuinely sustainable product, not greenwash. his biggest pet peeve is the use of the word “fragrance” in the personal care industry, as fragrance is often just a mix of toxic chemicals.

he founded the pare movement to create and share products that would never have to be a part of those loopholes.

the pare movement started in 2019, gained momentum in 2020, and has been growing ever since.

Image of the founder, Brian.


sustainability is at the heart of what we do, and is found in everything we do. whether we’re making a new bar soap or shipping glass bottles to your home, we’ve taken into account the environmental impact and how we can protect the planet.

our flagship product, castile soap, is a multi-purpose, long lasting soap.

our shipping is carbon neutral through sendle.

our packaging is made of recycled materials.

100% of our product packaging (glass bottles and aluminum bags) are recyclable and help eliminate downcycling.

we look forward to finding even more ways to create an environmentally friendly personal care brand as we grow.


we could sell the best products in the world, but if we aren’t supporting the communities we’re a part of, then we aren’t being a good neighbor. our community impact is incredibly important to who we are.

we plant a tree with every order placed (no minimum needed) through one tree planted. we donate $1 to ocean conservancy for every order placed (again, no minimum needed!). we provide consumer education through our blog posts (coming soon!) and social media material.

our goal is to raise awareness around the harmful ingredients alternative brands include and promote products that keep you, and our planet, safe and healthy.

A forest full of evergreen trees with The Pare Movement logo stamped in the middle with light opacity.

core values

authentic: we’re “no filler” kind of people. our ingredient list, shipping materials, processes, and community involvement is straightforward and honest.

sustainable: our planet is worth protecting and preserving. we do our part to create products that support the planet and pay a “planet tax” with every purchase by planting trees and donating to good causes.

influential: while we could stay quiet about what big name brands get away with, we think people deserve better. we don’t just create the products to compete with big name brands, we provide informational material that helps you understand why a revolutionary change in the personal care industry is so necessary.

conscious: there are lots of ways a business can make a negative impact on its consumers, communities, employees, or the planet. but that means there are equally as many ways to make a positive impact. we’re conscious and intentional with every choice, and make positive impacts – from castile soap to carbon footprints.